You’re smart. You already know that you want to attend Connexity 2019. You know that Connexity offers a unique conference experience with unparalleled practice management education. But, how do you get your boss on board with your CE plan? Schedule a meeting or use this image in an email to explain the many benefits of attending Connexity 2019:

#1: You’ll be more productive.
Studies show that when employees are less stressed and have a better quality of life, they are more productive and engaged at work. At Connexity 2019, you’ll learn how to embrace change and enjoy a better quality of life from Dr. Justine Lee (founder and CEO of VETgirl).

#2: You’ll contribute to the marketing of your practice.
Video is one of the most compelling forms of marketing, and at Connexity 2019 you’ll learn how to use video storytelling to boost your business and make a difference in your community from someone who has mastered the art: YuJung Kim (president of the Dodo)!

#3: You’ll be ready for change.
When a practice manager or owner makes a change that affects employees, everyone can feel stress and fear. Let your manager know that Dr. Janet Lapp will be speaking at Connexity and helping you see change as an opportunity to be seized, rather than a force to be feared.

#4: You’ll be able to more effectively communicate with others.
The clients and teams of veterinary practices come from every age group, from baby boomers to generation Z, the newest generation to hit the workforce. Adam “Smiley” Poswolsky will give you the tools to better communicate with others.

#5: You’ll learn how to stay calm during conflict.
It’s not about preventing conflict—conflict is inevitable—instead, it’s about how you handle conflict when it arises. Dr. Elizabeth Strand will help train your brain to stay cool when tempers get hot.

#6: You’ll learn how to prevent hospital-acquired infections.
Your hospital should be a place where people take their pets to get and stay healthy, not a place that spreads infection. Dr. Jason Stull will teach you how to refine your infection control program to protect pets, people, and your practice.

#7: You’ll come back refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to share all you learned.
With all the wellness activities planned for Connexity 2019, you’ll come back refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to share all you learned to help improve your practice culture and fight compassion fatigue and burnout.

Now, it’s time to start convincing!