Connexity means practical CE you can implement right away to improve your practice.

Connexity by AAHA is a reimagined conference exclusively for AAHA members. Where you can find solutions to the issues you that keep you up at night. Connexity offers social, solutions-driven learning wrapped in an extraordinary experience–so you can finally get some sleep.

Reject the ordinary.

Require the extraordinary.

Connexity: where great teams become extraordinary.

Is it possible for your life to be changed at a CE conference? We’re talking about something BIG. A moment in your life when your personal trajectory shifts direction. The world suddenly looks different. It’s brighter. You breathe easier. A new version of you emerges. Possibilities that were once impossible, become absolutely possible!

It may sound dramatic. And that’s because it is. Connexity has that affect on veterinary practice teams. Don’t just take our word for it.

Check out what these 2018 Connexity guests had to say:

“Overall I was extremely satisfied with the conference, the content, the keynote speaker, the enthusiasm. I learned, laughed, cried and cheered. The conference was enlightening and I am putting the new found knowledge to use Already!”

“The sessions were awesome. I felt like we were working together to come up with real solutions that could be implemented right away and make real changes for the staff/clients/patients in our practices.”

“The human library was a great experience; the interaction and information obtained in the face to face exchanges were so useful! It created a more personalized experience than could have been obtained via email, at the end of a lecture, or just trying to grab someone during any other time.”

“I truly appreciated the AAHA staff and their willingness to help. I have always loved AAHA conferences the best as you feel taken care of and special. Connexity just honed in on that and elevated the experience. I got to meet some new people, get inspired by influential people, learn some great things that I can apply right away and a lot that made me think...and just have a good time!”

Connexity guests



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